Inaugural Introduction & General Warning

Ars Typus Introduction Welcome to the Danger Zone

Introduction & Warning

First things first, to kick off my inaugural introduction, this post will serve both as an introduction to this site and as an introduction to myself. Posts here are stream-of-conscious with some (note: minor) editing taking place. Also, it’s fair to warn you that these are to be considered 18+/Adults Only/NSFW (due to content, language and maybe imagery) and are of my opinion only. If my opinion offends you, well, you can literally go anywhere else; ’cause it’s the INTERNET. Fuck forbid someone is offended on the INTERNET by someone else’s opinion. If it’s not clear, I write for fun and nothing keeps you here. I’d never hold someone against their will. I.E. fuck off upstairs.

Some Content To Chew On

Warning aside, I’m Ars Typus and I have a generally strong opinion about a lot of things. Here you’ll find everything from posts about mechanical keyboards and food to things as varied as rants and raves about geeky shit. My interests range dramatically from Warhammer 40k to particularly fantastic sushi. From off-beat Japanese anime to the latest mechanical keyboard modifications. If it’s geeky, slightly Japanese, cool, technology related, or uniquely appropriate you’ll see it here.

Just to share some of the things I’ll be covering in no particular order of importance: food and restaurant reviews, random (and I mean random) weeb shit including anime reviews, mechanical keyboards, Topre stuff, movie reviews, geek culture rants and raves, PlayStation 4 and Vita game reviews, other random gaming shit and who the fuck knows what else. Seriously, I’ll probably bounce all over the place but keep things firmly planted in the non-political/religious/bullshit realm. I feel we deal enough with that in our daily existence and will make every effort to limit its influence.


Introduction over: I appreciate your time, welcome you to the mind of Ars Typus and hope you enjoy your stay!

Otherwise, please, fuck off đŸ™‚